Sailors of The Whiskey Jack

A Lot of Catch-Up
but no ketchp

So much has happened since we have last checked in with out band of misfits:

  • A new character approaches: Jet
  • The Ruiners were busted out of jail
  • Some leads were found on the location of Linus Tolsky/Old Man McGreggor/The Puppet Master (thank you Draco, you’re too kind)
  • Mort went missing (Uh-Oh)
  • The party and the Ruiners set out to find him
  • During a random encounter, the Ruiners go missing (oh no!)
  • Look! there’s an orc stronghold where we were told PM would be
  • Sneaking through the stronghold
  • Oh no! They get captured
  • A new character approaches: Lulu
  • Now Jet is fighting Mort in the orc arena. WHAT"S THIS?! He’s really Mordecai the Blade?! The legendary swordsman! And he’s smart as long as he’s fighting? Let’s put on a show to escape together
  • Kinda escape together
  • OK, orc leader dude died of mysterious cirumstances (It really wasn’t us)
  • Break into PM’s room. Mess his stuff up. Jet attacks him, but not really??

Lets find out what happens next time.

The Ranc.....The Broken Bell
Hey guys, we own an inn!
The Puppet Master Revealed
Maybe not so harmless...
Castle North Grave
Old Man MacGregor
Maybe a little crazy, this one...but probably harmless!
Land Ho!
Maybe It's A Genie?
A fish genie...thing?

The fifth day comes and out adventurers find themselves deep within the storm wall. Thankfully, it is still open, and they’ve been able to pass without too much trouble as of yet. Their battle from the previous day, and their time at sea has left them restless, aching for land.

Marid.png As if that wasn’t enough, screams of shock and terror, once again, ring out from the main deck, calling to the adventurer’s attention. Arriving on deck, our party is greeted by a large…fish genie? No one knows quite what this creature is, but he’s recently shown up on board and has started to “select” those he prefers.

The ever curious, Jimmy, steps forth to question this monstrosity, asking him (it?) what he’s doing here, why he’s “selecting” people, and what he wants from them.

“Oh, child. You’d be quite nice, yes. I am Iggy, and I’m merely picking which among you are worthy enough to be my slaves. You are, after all, on top of my Palace!” The monstrosity moves about the ship, stroking the cheeks of those he’s selected. The party hasn’t quite developed the courage to attack this beast, fearing it’s power and for the lives of the rest of those on the ship.

Quick-thinking, Jimmy, speaks with him once more. This time, they strike a deal. If the party bests him in 5 games, he’ll supply them with a wish. If, however, they are to lose. He’ll take everyone aboard the ship, force them to be his slaves in his underwater palace, and sink the ship. They came to an agreement. Five games:
1.) Where will lightening strike?
2.) Create the most water in 1 minute.
3.) Imitation Game
4.) The Guessing Game
5.) Hide and Seek

The party chooses their game first. Speaking amongst themselves, the party decides to use Wyburn’s power to call lightening from the sky to fool Iggy. The game? It’s simple. Pick a place where the next lightening bolt will strike. If you’re closest, you win. Each side picks their positions. As inconspicuously as possible, Wyburn calls forth a bolt of lightening, hitting the bow, but only singing it. The first round goes to our adventurers.

Iggy, allows them their first win, but chooses their second games. Create the most water you can in 1 minute. The party scrounges together, even enlisting Minx and Robin, of the Ruiners to help them create more and more water. In total, they create maybe 30 gallons of water. Iggy on the other hand snaps his fingers and fills barrels at a time, effortlessly. This round, to Iggy.

Jimmy’s performance comes in handy on round three. The Imitation Game. Again, a simple task. Who can imitate the voice of a creature the best? The catch however… Iggy gets to choose the creature. He’s chosen a small child on the ship. Michael Reovs’ youngest. Jimmy and Iggy both try their damnedest. But neither can quite match the vocal performance of a tired, hungry, and terrified child. This one, is a draw.

The score’s tied at this point, the party needs to pull ahead. Utilizing an underhanded manipulation, they decide to play “The Guessing Game”. Wyburn would think of a number. Both Iggy and Jimmy would have to guess it. The one to get closest wins. Iggy stood no chance on this one, as Jimmy used his abilities within the arcane realm to read Wyburn’s thoughts, effortlessly handing this to our party.

“One last game. And I think I know what it’ll be! A little game of hide and seek! You’ll have 30 minutes to find me!” And with a snap of his fingers, Iggy disappears, leaving behind a heavy mist. The party sets out on their search for this monstrous being. Where could he actually hide on a ship like this, being his size!? The party searches high and low. Casdir making his way to the crow’s nest at one point, looking for a vantage point. The rest of the party search what seems like the entire ship. All the decks below, the hull of the ship, the galley even. Iggy is nowhere to be found.

Jimmy decides to incite a party on the top deck, calling out all crew, passengers, and party mates. His hopes were that he could entice Iggy to either come join them, or annoy him and insult him enough to make him appear, thus allowing them to win. Regardless of their noise level, or their level of sobriety, none of this seemed to work. No sign of Iggy.

With the clock winding down on their time limit, they search the last place they could think; The Crew Quarters. Lying there, asleep no less, in the bed of the deluxe cabin, was Iggy. Standing at the foot of the bed, with a terrified look on her face, was the Reovs’ daughter. The party confronts Iggy, awakening him to inform him of his loss. With a grumble, Iggy snaps his fingers once again and appears on the deck of the ship.

“Fine you’ve won. I’ll leave your little ship alone for now. What is it that you want?” Deliberating, the party finally comes to the conclusion that they each want a magical item. Something of use to them and something quite rare. With a shrug, Iggy snaps his fingers, disappearing into the ocean, leaving behind five boxes, each with handwritten notes for our party.

Sailing's no easy life


The 4th day or is it the fifth? They’re all beginning to run together now it seems. Each day a bit more dull than the last. Today however, there wouldn’t be any peace for the Sailors of The Whiskeyjack.

Early this morning, calls began to ring out from those on the top deck. More elementals? Our party, all awoken by the screams and cries of their fellow ship mates jump from their slumber and ready themselves for battle.

Upon reaching the deck, the party are all met with hooks latched onto both the port and starboard railings. Raiders? All the way out here? Upon further inspection it looks as if there were humanoid fish attempting to board the ship, pulling over innocent sailors in the process. The party braces themselves and then attacks full force.

Casdir recognizes that these aren’t mean mutated into fish, or vice versa. They are in fact Sahuagin, the damned scourge of the sea. They’re no pushovers, but they are handled rather quickly by our adventurers. Unfortunately, in the scuffle there were even more losses. Several more crew members lost their lives to these…things.

Jonas was left with no choice but to request that Wyburn find another rower for the ship. If not, it’s likely they may not even make it to Eso.

Thrown off by the loss of yet more people, and the burden of finding more people, Wybrun does the only thing he can think of at the time – he rows. Later that night, he speaks with Michael Reovs once again, agreeing to move his family to safety within the deluxe cabin if he can assist. Reluctantly, Michael agrees to this, making Wyburn promise that his family will come to no harm.

Another day passes, and the Whiskey Jack finds itself before it’s greatest challenge yet. The Storm Wall.

Time Passes
A member is lost

Being on a ship isn’t always the most glamorous. It also isn’t filled with excitement on a daily basis. For our party, this has been the case for a couple of days. Holes were patched, people were fed and treated. There was only one loss on these days. Unfortunately, it’s what that hit the party close to home.

Vathy is dead. She was being treated by Wyburn, but sadly nothing could cure her illness. Herbs, prayer, divine magics. None of them seemed to suffice.

Late on the second night, sometime in the wee hours of the morning, an ethereal horse, sent from Pelor himself was sent for Vathy. Her body was lifted atop the horse before it rode off towards the skyline, only to disappear into the night. Only the party was aware of what had transpired that night. She wasn’t well known, but she was still a member of this merry band of misfits. Prayers and silence hushed the room. She had been sick all this time, the crew hadn’t seen her and really hadn’t acknowledged that she was aboard the ship. The party knew, they all knew…and it was felt.

A prayer to those lost, for their soul and their everlasting peace.

The First Night
Well...this is a great start

Screams fill the air, water’s thrashing the sides of the boat, wood begins to splinter….CRACK. There’s now a hole in the side of the Whiskeyjack. Water’s beginning to filter in. Thankfully it’s high enough up on the ship that there isn’t too much concern. What’s caused this?

Our adventurers, awoken by the sound of crew members screaming and the hull being ripped apart rush to the deck. There, large, seemingly organized bodies of water are thrashing the crew, throwing them about the deck. A few, sadly, made their way over the railing. Water Elementals. Nasty things. Anyone who’s been aboard a ship for any significant length of time knows these creatures. Fortunately for the Whiskeyjack, our party springs into action, each letting fly both bolt and spell. Wyburn, fully adorned, comes from the crew’s quarters and prepares himself for battle. His display of skill with twisting and contorting water proves useful for separating these beasts into more formidable foes. A few swift spells and bolts later, they’re finally put to rest. The night’s not over quite yet however. Trixie, in the heat of the battle seems to have lit the main mast of fire. Wait..the main mast in on fire! A spell gone awry, it seems has caused the number one mode by which our vessel travels to begin to burn. Quick thinking by Wyburn results in the ocean itself to twist and rise from the water and extinguish the flames. Crisis averted for now.

A check of the damage shows that there’s a man-sized hole in the hull. It’s patch-able but it will take some time. Unfortunately, since these elementals attacked the lower decks as well, they’ve taken the lives of some of those aboard the Whiskeyjack. Two rowers died that night.

Wyburn, the ‘Coordinator’ on deck was tasked with finding someone to replace the deceased crewmen. They were gone, and would be laid to rest, but the journey had to push forward. It was after all only the first night.

After much deliberating, conversation, and a bit of begging, a member of the Ruiners, “Ox”, decided to step up. He may be short in stature, but his muscles proved to easily replace the two lost crewmen. They were back on coarse and moving forward.


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