Sailors of The Whiskey Jack

A Lot of Catch-Up

but no ketchp

So much has happened since we have last checked in with out band of misfits:

  • A new character approaches: Jet
  • The Ruiners were busted out of jail
  • Some leads were found on the location of Linus Tolsky/Old Man McGreggor/The Puppet Master (thank you Draco, you’re too kind)
  • Mort went missing (Uh-Oh)
  • The party and the Ruiners set out to find him
  • During a random encounter, the Ruiners go missing (oh no!)
  • Look! there’s an orc stronghold where we were told PM would be
  • Sneaking through the stronghold
  • Oh no! They get captured
  • A new character approaches: Lulu
  • Now Jet is fighting Mort in the orc arena. WHAT"S THIS?! He’s really Mordecai the Blade?! The legendary swordsman! And he’s smart as long as he’s fighting? Let’s put on a show to escape together
  • Kinda escape together
  • OK, orc leader dude died of mysterious cirumstances (It really wasn’t us)
  • Break into PM’s room. Mess his stuff up. Jet attacks him, but not really??

Lets find out what happens next time.



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