Sailors of The Whiskey Jack


Sailing's no easy life


The 4th day or is it the fifth? They’re all beginning to run together now it seems. Each day a bit more dull than the last. Today however, there wouldn’t be any peace for the Sailors of The Whiskeyjack.

Early this morning, calls began to ring out from those on the top deck. More elementals? Our party, all awoken by the screams and cries of their fellow ship mates jump from their slumber and ready themselves for battle.

Upon reaching the deck, the party are all met with hooks latched onto both the port and starboard railings. Raiders? All the way out here? Upon further inspection it looks as if there were humanoid fish attempting to board the ship, pulling over innocent sailors in the process. The party braces themselves and then attacks full force.

Casdir recognizes that these aren’t mean mutated into fish, or vice versa. They are in fact Sahuagin, the damned scourge of the sea. They’re no pushovers, but they are handled rather quickly by our adventurers. Unfortunately, in the scuffle there were even more losses. Several more crew members lost their lives to these…things.

Jonas was left with no choice but to request that Wyburn find another rower for the ship. If not, it’s likely they may not even make it to Eso.

Thrown off by the loss of yet more people, and the burden of finding more people, Wybrun does the only thing he can think of at the time – he rows. Later that night, he speaks with Michael Reovs once again, agreeing to move his family to safety within the deluxe cabin if he can assist. Reluctantly, Michael agrees to this, making Wyburn promise that his family will come to no harm.

Another day passes, and the Whiskey Jack finds itself before it’s greatest challenge yet. The Storm Wall.



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