Sailors of The Whiskey Jack

The First Night

Well...this is a great start

Screams fill the air, water’s thrashing the sides of the boat, wood begins to splinter….CRACK. There’s now a hole in the side of the Whiskeyjack. Water’s beginning to filter in. Thankfully it’s high enough up on the ship that there isn’t too much concern. What’s caused this?

Our adventurers, awoken by the sound of crew members screaming and the hull being ripped apart rush to the deck. There, large, seemingly organized bodies of water are thrashing the crew, throwing them about the deck. A few, sadly, made their way over the railing. Water Elementals. Nasty things. Anyone who’s been aboard a ship for any significant length of time knows these creatures. Fortunately for the Whiskeyjack, our party springs into action, each letting fly both bolt and spell. Wyburn, fully adorned, comes from the crew’s quarters and prepares himself for battle. His display of skill with twisting and contorting water proves useful for separating these beasts into more formidable foes. A few swift spells and bolts later, they’re finally put to rest. The night’s not over quite yet however. Trixie, in the heat of the battle seems to have lit the main mast of fire. Wait..the main mast in on fire! A spell gone awry, it seems has caused the number one mode by which our vessel travels to begin to burn. Quick thinking by Wyburn results in the ocean itself to twist and rise from the water and extinguish the flames. Crisis averted for now.

A check of the damage shows that there’s a man-sized hole in the hull. It’s patch-able but it will take some time. Unfortunately, since these elementals attacked the lower decks as well, they’ve taken the lives of some of those aboard the Whiskeyjack. Two rowers died that night.

Wyburn, the ‘Coordinator’ on deck was tasked with finding someone to replace the deceased crewmen. They were gone, and would be laid to rest, but the journey had to push forward. It was after all only the first night.

After much deliberating, conversation, and a bit of begging, a member of the Ruiners, “Ox”, decided to step up. He may be short in stature, but his muscles proved to easily replace the two lost crewmen. They were back on coarse and moving forward.



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