Sailors of The Whiskey Jack

Time Passes

A member is lost

Being on a ship isn’t always the most glamorous. It also isn’t filled with excitement on a daily basis. For our party, this has been the case for a couple of days. Holes were patched, people were fed and treated. There was only one loss on these days. Unfortunately, it’s what that hit the party close to home.

Vathy is dead. She was being treated by Wyburn, but sadly nothing could cure her illness. Herbs, prayer, divine magics. None of them seemed to suffice.

Late on the second night, sometime in the wee hours of the morning, an ethereal horse, sent from Pelor himself was sent for Vathy. Her body was lifted atop the horse before it rode off towards the skyline, only to disappear into the night. Only the party was aware of what had transpired that night. She wasn’t well known, but she was still a member of this merry band of misfits. Prayers and silence hushed the room. She had been sick all this time, the crew hadn’t seen her and really hadn’t acknowledged that she was aboard the ship. The party knew, they all knew…and it was felt.

A prayer to those lost, for their soul and their everlasting peace.



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