Sailors of The Whiskey Jack

All Aboard
The Journey Begins

Our adventurers, both old and new, find themselves filtering into Riperia for the promise of excitement, adventures, mystery, and the occasional silver piece. All of them here for the same venture – the voyage to Eso. A strange, mysterious, and yet uncharted land. Not much, if anything, is known about Eso except that if you want to go, you need to go now. There’s no telling when the storm wall is going to close, if it hasn’t already.

Though Riperia’s docks are filled with vessels, both small and grand, there seems to be one, and only one courageous, or stupid, enough to brave the storm wall and head for Eso’s shore. The Whiskeyjack.

The Whiskeyjack was a marvelous vessel. Well, not really. It was quite average to be honest. Sure it had a hull large enough for a small army encampment, but this was nothing extraordinary. The crew ran up and down the gangplanks, loading everything that was needed for their week long journey. They had not the time, nor the patience for idle chit chat. The ‘greeter’ as it were, was a dirty man of short stature. Hat hung low, and face rather apathetic to the excitement around him. Maybe the sun had beat down on him a little too hard already today.

“Welcome to the Whiskeyjack. Have your ticket? Good. Load your own. Don’t get in the crew’s way. Bunks are to the right and down the stairs to the second level. First come first serve. Next!”

Bunks? Well, sort of. There were definitely rooms, about 4 beds a piece. Storage? Well, there’s always the floor. The rooms were partially occupied. Our adventurers would have to fit in where they get in. Among these rooms were; An adventuring party “The Ruiners” they called themselves. Four in total, and only one among them bearded. A family of four. No..five. They have an infant aboard the ship with them. Three children in all along with an obviously weary mother and father. Two ‘merchants’, Raul and Lawrence. They have space in their bunk, but no one, especially them advises that you take it. Finally, an empty room. It’s not much, but it’s a place to close your eyes. Each of our adventurers filter to this room. They all seem nice enough. For now at least.

Up on deck we meet the crew: Jonas, the captain. He’s a sturdy man. Weathered and aged from a hard life at sea. Tusks, the captain’s right hand man. A large bulky figure, half orc it seems. It’s rather apparent where he gets his name. Mort, good old “Swear on me Mum” Mort. A dwarvish fellow, short but sturdy. Bearded, of course. Quite beautifully actually. Mort was their ‘navigation specialist’. Odd for a dwarf, but apparently he comes from a long line of sea-travelers. Finally there was Wyburn. A tall man, human by the looks of it. Oddly enough standing in plated armor. The man must’ve been insane, either that or he’d never been on a ship before. Jonas called him the ‘Coordinator’. Wyburn was the main point of contact for the party.

The ship left docks that night, our adventurers aboard. Ah yes, our adventurers. You may want to know about them, huh? Trixie, a lovable halfling goof ball. Sure she’s shown a propensity to hurl fire, or trip someone up without provocation. Nothing that’s proven to be exceedingly life threatening though….yet. Casdir, the pointy eared half elf, adorned in robes and equipped with a foul mouthed Imp with a bad attitude, Draxel. Not much is known about Cas yet, except he has a curiosity for the arcane arts and seems to be rather proficient with them. Jimmy, the lovable human bard. He’ll spin a tale and write a song with the best of them. Fast talking, and quick thinking, this bard has seen his share of adventure alright. Hopefully he’ll survive his next! Gonif, not much is known about this leather-clad, shifty eyed, and mysterious fellow as of yet. He looks human enough, but there’s just something about him that seems slightly…..demonic. Vathy. Oh… oh dear. This one doesn’t look quite so good. Ill even. A Tiefling encased in metal and vowing to smite those who stand in her way. Maybe she’s just sea-sick?


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